Visions of past lives flash before me
Faces of laughter jotting down
Mental lists
Refusing to be defined by the period they are living in
Against any odds they rise
They rise above the equation of external happiness
Seeking internal gratification
Within the chaos of lives being lost
Spotting the creation that is also occuring
Each of these lives leaving clues on how to make transition easier
“Just Be” is whispered in my ear
Be who it is that your soul desire
Fly among the birds if you so wish to do
Take the tears of sadness and examine them
Wipe them clean and “Just Breathe”
But most importantly, RISE
Against all odds


Recognizing Self

Majestically wheeling the power that is Love
standing on the platform of the multiverse
gleaming with absolute positivity
Strengthening the lines of spirituality and this physical form
blending them into one
tuning into the ancestral magic of watching the skies
writing down the prolific dreams that greet Eye at every sun set
as I close my eyes and open my EYE I witness the beauty that is Me
Self Love in its purest form
as Maya Angelou affirmed in her writings
Still like air I rise
I rise above the temptation that is man
always wanting more of what is not mine
trying to escape all the emotions that derive from actually caring about our fellow human being
above the conquest of high jacking the spirit of the people
Instead I seek to liberate the minds of the enslaved
through speak of accepting Self, caring for Self
but more importantly — recognizing Self

Peace and Light


Memories of a Child

Memories hidden within the mind of a child
yearning to breathe the air of life
smiling faces peaking behind yellow green curtains
giggling; try so hard to not get caught
this game of hide and seek may seem like work to those little toes
tucking themselves to meet their heels
innocence at its best
Don’t you remember the scolding given when those tiny hands got caught in the cookie jar
face full of chocolate from the chips you tore away
Nothing could top the savory taste of those cookies
even those stern stares for you also saw loving eyes
met with warm hugs gently letting you know that “mama sees all”
to be this child whose future so daringly hangs in the afterthought
living in the now, only seeing the things that make Self happy
truly happy
creating the memories for when the time comes and now has become a distant thing
always planning for tomorrow, next week, next month and so forth
when does the planning end
and the living begin?


The Moth

A moth flew into my apartment today
children and I panicking, wondering
how do we get this moth out of here?
frantic, the wings flap around
frantically, our legs scurry around
my physical self thought,
“get the moth, by any means necessary”
my soul dived in and spoke
“isn’t that moth worth saving as are you?
what about reverence, honoring the life that is within
as well as without?
think about how frazzled you are, now think about the moth”
So stopping I changed the air, looked around for my sage and light
opened the door to create a pathway home
Children looked up at me and asked
“mama, why the sage?
I just replied I want to help this moth find its way out
drive those initial thoughts of “by any means necessary” out for I knew i was under negative energy when those words were spoken
You see, I wanted to show my children a better way of viewing Mama Universe and all that she created
that moth didn’t ask to be here but here it was searching for freedom
as many of us are
whether it is freedom from external battles or
freedom from internal barriers
we are seeking for more than this physical realm
I’m a multidimensional- multisensory being, working towards freeing of self from the weighing down of a civilization too comfortable with external power and greed.
I seek to rise, as should You
Peace and Light!

Be Courageous

Be Courageous young Queen

disillusion  yourself from a system created to date you

tell you that your someone other than you are

keeping you under lock and keys

complacent isn’t what you were created to be


Be Courageous young King

dismantle yourself from a system created to abuse you

house you for selfish gains then try to erase you

Who are you in this ocean of life?

ask yourself if you deserve this strife

Created under one Goddess take your throne and rise

Be courageous my loves

for you are Peace and Light



Writing Your Story

A sort of revelation just occurred! Have you realized that who you are now, is not who you were a few seconds ago? That thought of whether or not you should wear that outfit or even make that rising call is no longer important. The moment in which a decision is made is what matters and writing it down is further expelling it into the universe. When you can see it in front of you, lets say on a sticky note you now make yourself accountable for what needs to be done.

Speak into the Universe! It is the same as speaking into your very Soul. Having a conversation with that part of you that hardly gets to see the light of the physical world. Nevertheless, it should not be neglected from the fruit of your labor. Nurture it and include it into your daily activities. Tell Soul your deepest desire for who knows, it just may be what you need to find the drive. The drive to start creating YOU! That divine being who has graced this planet with Fire, Fierceness, and Love!

How would your Story go if you spent a little time with it?


What is of the Mind

What is the mind but a battlefield
constructing strategies in which it takes the upper hand
leading astray of the heart
twisting ideas into thoughts of grandeur
exploiting the very being that otherwise you are trying to suppress
you know, the one in which keeps you in the realm of negativity
striving so hard to keep you as a slave of war
when will you say that THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR?
when will you re-strategize the board into  more favorable positions?
dropping the ego
choosing instead to love, to create, to transcend the notion of being people of war
When will you choose to no longer be ruled by your mind
instead work with it, alongside your heart
finding more favorable desires
positively BEcoming instead of continuously dying
…for what?

She is Empress

Taking in the world around her

she sits and writes in her journal

envisioning all the places that her mind will take her

lost in day dream she revels in the idea of becoming more

escaping the daily routines of numerous check-in to prove that she is existing

barely making it with a 9-5 she succumbs to the hustle and bustle of living “life”

exchanging her ideology for that of a system that wishes to see her fail

how can she walk with her head held high

proclaiming, that she is Empress

bathed in the sun, melanin radiating like a coat of honour

how can she tell her stories to her children when she herself has been lost for so long

digging her way out from under the rubbles; skin cracked

lips dried

locs brittle from the dehydration of knowledge

yearning, clawing at throat for sound

praying to Self that her voice shall be heard

behind all the falseness of the stories written to downplay her role as

Empress, mother, daughter of this universe

…she writes

she writes to escape not herself but the idea of being someone else

in a world where Self has been heavily sedated


Peace and Light




How are you Elevating Self?

Lately, the word Elevation has been in the forefront of my mind. Defined as “loftiness; grandeur or dignity” by Dictionary.com I get a sense of a superficial way of thinking of this word. If we break down the definition given above, lofty speaks of one who is high, arrogant in a way to think of self as superior, once again in the superficial sense. Words to describe grandeur were exalted, impressive, and grand. Impressive I can overstand because once we extend the mind there is nothing but awe of what was accomplished. But how about exalted? Praising one for something that should be a natural process granted to all? My mind is rapidly trying to piece together these thoughts!

Elevation to me is the natural state of who we are, the process of continual learning about Self. The expansion of our universe within in order to create that Utopia in the external realm. However, how can we create something that we cannot envision? The mind is the original source of thoughts and actions, for when we think we create images before our eyes that we can then present orally or through a physical diagram.

To think of Self above anyone else is to see the world as a competition, constantly sizing Self up to another individual whose mission is different from theirs. Due to the glaze of greed and need of “power” division became the way of life for majority. I often ask the question, if we do not know Self how can we ever expect to know others, to love others, to honestly respect others existence? To divide something is not make it stronger, but only weakens the existence of that thing. Constantly dividing our minds to meet the greed of others only weakens our search for Self.

Some ways that I see as fit in meeting Self is through spending time alone with your thoughts. Interrogate it if you must ( not overly harsh) as to learn both your dark and light side of who you are. If you are to do this, no one can tell you who you are for that has already been sought. Most importantly innerstand that learning about Self is a continuous thing that occurs through elevation of the Mind, Body and Soul.

That’s my Trinity!

Where Do you Belong Child?

Recently, I was asked about my passion. Scratching my arm I felt my eyes roll back and my head tilt to the side, displaying a face of deep thought. To me it was an interesting topic due to the fact that internally I was struggling with finding what it is that makes me, well Me. For so long I have been shadowing those around me, searching for the one place I “belong” or where I thought I should be. However as time moves on I realize that I am going at it all wrong.

My journey is about finding self-acceptance and being okay with not belonging anywhere. What I mean is that we each have our own carbon imprint that will make all the difference on the earth. Being Me should not have to come at the cost of becoming a cookie cutter version of the current society, instead wanting to stray away from the mold to show that there is more, always more. This is of course an option only and only when we open ourselves to more.

So where do I belong? Where do you belong? For the answers we must take time to search within self first, aiding in our own growth and showing up even when things do not go our way!